Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Saga of the Bear-Folk: A Strange Forest Part II.

And thus, the Bear-Folk followed the directions of the pixie, until they came up upon a massive ebony fir tree. A silver finger of flowing water drifted lazily through the clearing.They could see that there was a door crafted of planks nailed together covering the entry in to the hovel.
Blooma called out, "Mieselk! Are you home?" But no one answered. The Bear-folk searched for signs of the mysterious guardian who was supposed to dwell here.

Suddenly a great booming voice called out from behind them, "WHO TRESSPASSES ON THE HOME OF THE MIGHTY MISELK!?" The party spun to see who uttered the words. They spied a great albino elk with antlers stretching out further than any man could.
"We are not tresspassing!" called Blomma, "I need help!" The great elk blinked and looked at the pixie.

The elks head twisted unnaturally and the beast contorted, as the sounds of breaking bones and snapping tendons echoed through the timber stands. Then an old man with a long argent beard stood in front of them. He appeared as human save for the pair of antlers extending from the sides of his head. He hurried over to Torgar, who's shoulder the Blooma was perched, and plucked the pixie up and hurried into his hovel. Kol and Torgar peered inside.

The strange man bustled about and pulled ingredients off shelves and tossed them onto the table. When he was satisfied with what he had gathered he chanted in the eldritch language of the Huldrfolk. A light glowed around the pixie and her wing was restored. She joyfully zipped around the room, sprinkling glitter behind her.

The strange man, who was called Mieselk, beckoned the Bear-folk inside. He seemed to speak their language. He gave them a tea made from herbs. They all drank it except for Kol and Mjorla, who remained cautious.
Miselk puffed on a large pipe the size of an aurouchs horn, and the room was filld with an oily-smelling smoke. He asked who they were and where they came from. When they told him their story, he became startled. He explained that they were in the Huldrskegg, the ancient forest of the Fae. He cried that the must get too Brunkornskegg, one of the gateways back to their homeland.

But before they could leave, there was a sound of what sounded like the mix between a horse and a bull.
"Quickly! You must leave! She is close!" cried Mieselk, "Follow Blooma, she will take you to the stone!"
Following the Pixie, the Bear-folk took off towards Brunkornskegg.

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**This is my account of the events of the Saga of the Bear-Folk