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The town of Helund was nestled into a bend of the fjord. The steep hills and cliffs were blanketed with conifers and hardwood trees. The water in this area of the fjord was placid and almost motionless. A hall stood in the center of town. Built upon a foundation of stone, the walls bowed and gave the appearance of an overturned longship. Surrounding the hall was a handful of longhouses. The houses closest to the hall where walled with wattle and daub, but as they houses got further from the hall they were walled with planks or logs. A dock stretched out into the tranquil water with enough room for about half a dozen longships, nearby along the shore was a half-built ship. Birds flitted about among the rooftops, and dogs chased each other through the buildings. A pen of chickens sat near the forest accompanied by an enclosure of goats. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Jack O'Callahan Mystery: Black Leather and Blackmail, Issue #8


Warning: This post may contain mature content.

     The Maltese Falcon Taproom was a quiet place on Hawthorne Lane. It had wood paneled walls and dim lighting. David and Jenn sat in one of the booths along the wall. David had a glass of bourbon in front of him, a pair of ice cubes were suspended in the amber liquid. Jenn was sipping on a green cocktail.
     “How you feeling? First time is always an interesting experience,” asked Jenn. David took a sip from his glass.
     “Well, still a bit sore,” muttered David, with a nervous chuckle. 
     “You took it well, though.” Jenn grinned twirling a strand of hair around her finger.
     “Grew up in a tough neighborhood. Learned quickly to take the pain.,” explained David, “Though, I don’t think that getting tied up is my thing.”
     “It’s not for everyone.” Jenn took a gulp from her glass.
     “You said you used to run? I’ve been around runners and you don’t sound like them.” asked Jack.
     “What do you mean?” Jenn looked confused.
     “Well they have almost their own language,” explained Jack.
     “Oh. I only did a couple of jobs. Small time stuff. I wasn’t ingrained into the lifestyle. I’m not to proud of some of the stuff I did. But, I’ve put that behind me.” 
     “I understand. Everyone has things they would rather forget,” said David.
     “I think I need another drink,” she muttered. She slid out from the booth and walked to the bar. David watched her. Her hips swayed as strode up to the bar. He grinned and took a swig from his cup. He turned away when he saw her turn around. She slid back into the booth with a blue cocktail with a straw, and a matching umbrella in her hand. She smiled at him. 
     “What?” he asked.
     “Oh nothing,” she grinned, the straw placed in the corner of her mouth. David jumped as he felt her foot on the inside of his leg. She rubbed his calf slowly. She watched his expression. “You know, No one has looked at me since we got here.” 
     “Really? You look fantastic,” said David, surprised.
     “Awww, you think so?” she cooed. Her cheeks turned a faint pink.
     “Yeah. Of course! You’re gorgeous.”
     “You aren’t to bad looking either,” she flirted. David smiled and looked into his drink. Jenn got up and slid next to him. Her arm slid around his and her blonde head rested against his shoulder. “You know… you look really good without your shirt off.” She ran her hand inside his jacket.
     “Heh,” he grunted, taking a sip from his glass.
     “You do,” she assured. She placed her finger on his chin and turned his face to look at her. She reached up and pressed her lips against his. She pulled away quickly. She looked at the floor, her hand on her neck. “Sorry, I didn’t mean too,” she muttered. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.
     “It’s okay. I didn’t mind.” He picked up a napkin and wiped her lipstick from his lips. She looked up at him. He smiled at her. 
     “It’s getting late…” she yawned.
     “I’ll walk you home. The city is dangerous after dark,” said David.
     “Thanks.” Jenn stood, walked to the bar, and handed the bartender her credcard. He swiped it and handed it back. David waited for Jenn at the door, his coat slung over his arm. Jenn pulled on her coat and they stepped onto the streets.


     Jack sat at his desk, cigarette balanced between his fingers. 405 West Wisconsin Street. Hmmm… The dominatrix must be behind this. I know it. But why would she not ask for money? Why would she ask him to follow her instructions in the city council? He obviously liked relinquishing control, but outside the dungeon? Something’s off. What would push a domme to do this? Power. Yeah, but would she have put slugs into him? If it was power she was after, she lost it when he died. Someone else must be behind this. His mind drifted to what the detective said about the bullet. Nine-millimeter, hollow point. He got up and opened the filing cabinet. He pulled out a file labeled, ‘Maxine Grove; 25 Aug.-Sept 3 2043’. He opened the file and pulled out the baggie with the shell casing.  He opened it and pulled out the brass cylinder. He held it up to the light to read the etching on the bottom, “9MM-HP”.  Who ever called me must be behind this. But just because Alderman Malone was killed by the same round, doesn’t mean that whoever that voice was, is behind this. He took a long drag on his cigarette. I need to find out what is going on. I need to get into that dungeon and find the computer. There might be some clues as to who is behind this. E-mails, transaction history, something… Jack put out the cigarette. He grabbed his coat and headed out of the office.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What If...

I've been thinking. What if I didn't have Aspergers? What would my life have been like. Well for starters, I probably wouldn't have been interested in Legos, Fantasy, Science Fiction. I probably wouldn't have been interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons. I probably would not have asked my friend about D&D that morning, in Chemistry Class, during my Junior year of high school.

 If I hadn't done that, I would never have met all the wonderful people in my life. I probably would have gone to college, gotten a degree, and gotten a job somewhere. I would probably have a girlfriend. But instead I dropped out of college my second semester, I became invested in gaming. I met the best sort of people. People that make life interesting. People that I can truly love. If it wasn't for Aspergers, I wouldn't have discovered any of that. It brings tears to my eyes that if I didn't have Aspergers, I probably wouldn't have met any of the people I hold so close to my heart. I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing this, I'd probably be off at some university writing a paper or studying.

I almost definitely would have been able to support myself...

Even though I wish I could have all those things, I've realized that if by some miracle I could magically not have Aspergers and live in a world where I understood social situations, a world where I was neurotypical. I wouldn't trade that for the world. Aspergers has given me a unique gift. My friends. No, my family. Vixy and Tony I think said it best:

But them that run with me's got my back 
It's a fool don't know that his family's his crew

If I didn't have Aspergers... I can't imagine... I'm proud to say, I have Aspergers, and I wouldn't trade that for the world, because this is who I am.


A Jack O'Callahan Mystery: Black Leather and Blackmail, Issue #7


Warning: This post may contain mature content.

     The rain came down in buckets as Jack exited Cordell’s apartment.  He hailed a cab and headed back towards the office. His mind mulled over what he had just told her. He jolted back to meat-space when the cab pulled up to his office. He paid the cab driver and stepped out. A black sedan with tinted windows was parked on the street. He looked at it curiously; it looked familiar, though he couldn’t figure out where he had seen it before. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He looked around, there was no one on the street. A hint of movement was visible out of the corner of his eye. He spotted a security camera perched on a lamp post. It’s lens stared at him. He looked at it curiously. His mind strayed to the mysterious voice on the phone. A traffic camera had stared at him only hours before he received the call. He blinked. I have heard about ghosts on the grid. Net-jockeies that could hack into security cameras and use them as eyes for runners. He shivered, turned his back on the camera and walked into the office. 

     Jack opened his office door. David was standing in front of Jenn’s desk; Jenn was sitting in her chair. Jack stared at Jenn for a moment, taken aback by her clothes and makeup. He pulled of his dripping jacket and hung it on the peg. As he turned around he noticed David was standing strangely.
     “So, How was your date?” asked Jack with a sly grin. Jenn put her hand to her mouth, blushed and giggled. David scowled.
     “It was fine,” he spat, “We did find a camera though, in the room depicted in the photos. Did you find the location of the computer?”
     “Yeah,” said Jack.
     “Where?” asked Jenn.
     “405 West Wisconsin Street,” informed Jack. The office fell silent. “What?” Jack looked at them confused.
     “That’s the address of the dungeon,” stated David. They jumped as the door opened. A man with blonde slicked back hair, and blue eyes stood in the door way. He wore a dark blue suit and red tie, and a London trench coat. An e-cig was balanced between his lips. 
     “Forgrave?! What the hell are you doing here?” questioned Jack. 
     “Police Business, we need to talk.” stated the blonde man, his eyes shooting towards David and Jenn, “Alone.” David and Jenn looked at each other.
     “We were just leaving,” said David, “Jenn here owes me several drinks.” David and Jenn stood, picked up their coats. David held the door open for Jenn. She smiled and left the apartment, David followed her. Forgrave watched them leave.
     “Office Romance? Thought you didn’t like that?” said Detective Maxwell Forgrave. 
     “What? Jenn? David? They aren’t together,” said Jack. Forgrave puffed on his e-cig. “Why are you here Forgrave?” 
     “I’m here about a murder,” said the police detective.
     “Oh, Let’s step into my office.” Jack gestured towards the door. Forgrave opened the door and Jack followed. He walked around his desk and sat in his chair. Forgrave sat opposite from him.
     “So who’s murder are you here about? I didn’t kill anyone,” said Jack.
     “The murder of Dixon Malone,” reported Forgrave. Jack blinked and looked at Forgrave.
     “Dixon Malone?” questioned Jack.
     “Yeah, You know him?” asked the detective.
     “I can guess that you already know the answer to that question,” grunted Jack. Forgrave pulled a plastic bag from his coat pocket. It contained the scrap of paper that Jack had scrawled his CommNet address on.
     “We found this on his body,” said Forgrave.
     “I didn’t kill him,” drawled Jack, taking a drag on the cigarette.
     “I never said you did,” commented Forgrave, “But what was he doing with your CommNet address?” 
     “He hired me for a job,” reported Jack.
     “So Alderman Malone hired you to do a job?” asked Forgrave, eyebrows raised.
     “You got that right.”
     “What did he hire you for?” 
     “To find out who was blackmailing him. He had been receiving letters from a mysterious person for some time now,” explained Jack. He picked the letter that Malone had left and handed it to Forgrave, “He left one here.” Forgrave opened the letter and read it. When he was finished he looked back up at Jack.
     “Is this all he gave you? It’s not much to begin to find out who was blackmailing him. These initials could be anyone,” Forgrave stated. “Did he give you anything else?”
     “Yeah, This flash drive,” said Jack, pulling the flash drive from his pant pocket.
     “What’s on it?” asked Forgrave.
     “The pictures he was being blackmailed with,” stated Jack.
     “Is that all?” 
     “Yup,” affirmed Jack.
     "Thats not a lot to go on,” noticed Forgrave.
     “Yeah, you got that right. But he paid up front. Ten big ones,” replied Jack. Forgrave leaned back. In his seat.
     “I’m going to have to ask you to turn over your case file,” said Forgrave.
     “I figured you would say that,” said Jack, “All he gave me was the flash drive and that letter. Take ‘em.” Forgrave slid the flash drive and letter into individual baggies. 
     “Is there anything else?” asked Forgrave.
     “No.” Jack lied.
     “Thank you for your cooperation,” said Forgrave.
     “Anything to help the cops,” smiled Jack. Forgrave stood, tipped his hat and headed towards the door.
     “One last thing,” said Jack.
     “What’s that?” said Forgrave, turning to face Jack.
     “How was he killed?”
     “Three shots to the chest,” replied the police detective.
     “Caliber?” asked Jack.
     “Just curious.” 
     “Nine-millimeter. Hollow-point,” informed Forgrave.

     “Oh, Thank you.” said Jack. Forgrave's gaze lingered for a moment before he exited, leaving Jack alone in the office. Jack reached down to the bottom drawer of his desk, and pulled out a glass and a bottle of scotch. He poured himself a glass and stepped to his window. He looked out across the city. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Something is going on. Someone is pulling the strings in this city. I will find out who H.W, is.

Check back in next week for the next issue of The Jack O'Callahan Mysteries!

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A Jack O'Callahan Mystery: Death by Diamonds and Pearls, Issue #1

Issue #8 of Black Leather and Blackmail will be released on schedule. I will finish Black Leather and Blackmail, don't worry. The release date of subsequent issues of Death By Diamonds and Pearls has not yet been decided.  Cheers!

     Jenn was already at her desk when Jack arrived, late monday morning. She greeted him with a bright smile.
     “Mornin’ Jenn,” said Jack, stepping up to the coat rack and hanging up his coat and hat
     “Morning. You have a beautiful woman in your office, and I mean beautiful. I would turn lesbian for her,” mentioned Jenn. Jack paused and held up his hand.
     “Didn’t need to hear that,” commented Jack.
     “Just saying,” grinned Jenn, her eyebrow raised.
     “Thanks for the heads up though.”
     “It is my job,” smiled Jenn. Jack nodded and stepped into his office.

     Standing by the window was a woman. She wore a plain, sequined ebony  dress, that clung to her curves like a monkey to a vine. The neck of the dress was cut in a v-shape, not exposing anything but enough to spark the imagination. She had legs that went on for miles, accentuated by a pair of raven leather six inch heeled, platform pumps. Her curled copper hair hung around her shoulders curtaining her soft feminine face. Her grey eyes where lined with soft lines of eyeliner and her lips where as red as a freshly picked Jonagold apple. A black handbag hung on her shoulder. She eyed Jack as he entered. Jenn was right. She’s gorgeous.
     “Your secretary said I could wait inside. She’s such a beauty,” admitted the woman.
     “Yeah, she is. What can I do for you Miss…?” began Jack.
     “LaChance, It’s French, but you can call me Lucy,” she grinned. Jack raised his eyebrows. He walked over to his desk and gestured to the chair in front of it. 
     “What can I do for you Miss LaChance?” asked Jack.
     “Please call me Lucy,” she requested, twirling a lock of hair around her finger.
     “Alright Lucy, what do you need?” Jack inquired.
     “I am the owner of a piece of jewelry, a diamond and pearl necklace,” Jack leaned forward.
     “Alright. Let me guess it was stolen.” 
     “Yes, you have that right,” she stated.
     “So, go to the police. Don’t waste my time,” growled Jack. He reached into his jacket, withdrew a cigarette and lit it.
     “The FBI and the Chicago Police department is already looking into it,” stated Lucy.
     “Then why the dìyù are you here telling me this gǒu shǐ?” hissed Jack.
     “Because I don’t trust the police. The officers in this city are some of the most corrupt I have ever seen, and I’ve done business in Singapore,” elaborated Lucy, “ I don’t want some dirty cop giving my diamonds to some mob boss.” Jack reclined in his chair, taking a drag on his cigarette.
     “So you want me to go around the law. You do realize that I could lose my license right?” questioned Jack.
     “Yes, I’m aware. But I will make it worth your while. Would two-hundred thousand be enough for you?” 
     “You have my attention,” said Jack.
     “The necklace was stolen from the Field Museum last Thursday. It was on loan for the Diamonds of the World exhibit. It disappeared with out trace. Nothing showed up on the cameras and the security systems didn’t pick up any disturbances,” she began. Jack raised his eyebrow. “The FBI are taking their sweet time and the thief is probably already found a fence. It’s a family heirloom, and I want it back in my possession as soon as possible.”
     “I’m not so sure. If the FBI is involved this could get incredibly dangerous for me. There is no way they will let me look at their case files,” explained Jack. She stood and stepped around his desk.
     “Mister O’Callahan, I searched for a private detective to take this case. It took a glowing recommendation from Maxine Grove for me to find you.” Jack could smell her perfume, a floral, yet woody fragrance.
     “I had to turn down that case part way through,” commented Jack.
     “Yes but she said she liked your professionalism,” smiled Lucy. Jack took a long draw off his cigarette.
     “I’ll take it. But make it three-hundred thousand and you got a deal.” 
     “If you insist,” she breathed. She leaned down and her lips brushed his cheek, “Thank you.” She straightened, smoothed her skirt and reached into her bag. Jack stiffened, but relaxed when she withdrew a business card. “Call me if you need anything.” Jack watched her as she left. Her hips where a pendulum, swaying with each step. He heard her say a few words to Jenn, before stepping into the hall. Jack looked at a the card, and twirled it in his fingers. Jenn knocked on the door.
     “Well?” she asked.
     “We got a new case,” replied Jack. Jenn leaned against the desk. She pulled a tissue from her pocket and licked it. “What are you doing?” asked Jack.
     “You got a little lipstick here,” said Jenn wiping his cheek,        “Wouldn’t want your lady friend to see this. There, good as new.”
     “Thanks, what would I do without you?” asked Jack.

     “Well, you might have had to explain yourself,” smiled Jenn.


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Black Leather and Blackmail will be placed on hold due to trouble figuring out how to write the next couple of issues.  Issue #7 will be released and possibly Issue #8. I apologize, but the Jack and Rubi stories are usually written and then uploaded. I will try to continue Black Leather and Blackmail as soon as possible.

Don't fret! A new Jack O'Callahan Mystery is in the works; titled, "Death by Diamonds and Pearls", featuring robbery and murder!  Also, you should go and give Katy Ann some love. She's a wonderful young woman and has provided a few pictures that will accompany the issues! Not to mention she's absolutely stunning!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rubi Rascke: Runner for Hire #9

      Rubi and Cal found themselves in a quiet bar along East Washington Street. It wasn’t very big and was in the basement of an restaurant. Futbol highlights were being displayed on the info-screen. Being in the middle of the week not many people where there. Rubi and Cal sat on the far end of the bar against the wall. Rubi sipped on a pint of beer and Cal had a White Russian clutched in her hand; their eyes were fixed on the soccer game. At the end of the bar opposite to where Rubi and Cal were sitting was a young woman, college aged. She was a brunette, her wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her face was thin and young. She wore a v-neck shirt with the motion ‘W’, of the University of Wisconsin emblazoned on the front, and an unzipped sweatshirt. Rubi’s eyes shot over to the girl periodically, after while Cal began to notice.
      “Whatchu looking at?” asked Cal, looking where Rubi was looking. She noticed the girl and spun her head back to Rubi, grinning. Rubi looked at her.
      “You think she’s cute, don’tcha!” grinned Cal.
      “What? No!” exclaimed Rubi.
      “Yeah you do!” Cal gave Rubi a toothy grin.
      “Shut up!” growled Rubi into her glass.
      “I’m going to go talk to her!” quipped Cal, spinning around on the stool.
      “No! Wait!” cried Rubi, “Shit.” She turned to her drink as Cal bounced over the the girl. Rubi watched Cal introduce herself and strike up a conversation. Rubi got the bartender’s attention. “I’ll have a scotch, double, no ice.” The bartender poured the drink for Rubi. As Rubi took the glass she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. She glanced over. The girl was coming over. Shit… 
      “Mind if I sat down?” she asked.  Rubi shook her head. “I’m Dani. Your friend said that I should come talk to you”, said the girl. God damn it Cal, thought Rubi. She shot a dirty look towards Cal, who only gave her a toothy grin and a thumbs up. Rubi looked down into her glass. Rubi’s eyes flashed up at the girl. The girl smiled at her. Rubi struggled for words, leaving them in an awkward silence.
      “So, Dani? Is that short for something?” grumbled Rubi, taking a swig.
      “Yeah, Danielle.” 
      “Cool,” muttered Rubi.
      “What about you?” asked Ella,”What’s your name?
      “Uhhh… Rubmm,” gurgled Rubi into her glass.
      “Rubi?” asked the girl.
      “Yeah,” muttered Rubi. An awkward silence descended on them. Rubi sipped on her scotch.
      “I like your jacket,” quipped Dani. Rubi grunted. “So, you like Kindstod?” asked the girl, referring to one of the patches on Rubi’s jacket. 
      “Yeah. They’re one of my favs,” replied Rubi. She glanced over to the girl sitting next to her, “You don’t look like someone who would enjoy that kind of music,” she noted. The girl shrugged.
      “My older brother got me into it. He was really big on the whole ‘anti-culture’ idea,” mentioned Dani.
      “Cool,” said Rubi, “You a student or something?”
      “Yeah, I’m about to start my senior year. What about you?” asked Dani.
      “I work.” 
      “What do you do?” questioned the girl. Rubi hesitated. I can’t tell her that I’m a runner… She’ll probably freak out. Uh… Say something!
      “Computers,” she blurted, “I work with computers.”
      “Software or hardware?” asked Dani.
      “Both,” replied Rubi. 
      “Cool! My degree is in Graphic Design and Programing.” Dani looked at her watch, “Oh! It’s getting late, I gotta get going!” She pulled a pen from her pocket, and scrawled her CommNet address on a napkin. “Give me a buzz sometime alright?”
      “Sure,” muttered Rubi.
      “Have a good night!” The girl smiled and headed towards the door. Cal bounded over, her smile spreading ear to ear. She jumped atop the stool. Rubi glared at her.
      “Suka,” hissed Rubi. Cal opened her mouth in mock offense.
      “How could you!” She grinned, “You got her digits! Come on. You owe me a thanks.”
      “Why?” asked Rubi.
      “Because with out me, you would never have even talked to her!” Cal pointed out.
      “Yeah, I guess your right. Thanks,” said Rubi sheepishly.

      “I’m always happy to play wingman for you,” grinned Cal. She wrapped her arm around her friend and gave her a loose hug.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Jack O'Callahan Mystery: Black Leather and Blackmail, Issue #6


Writers Note: So. This issue is fairly explicit; including some lets that savory things...  (Language and Rape) I do not encourage or condone rape, in fact I have friends that have been raped. I find it terrible and disgusting. But, rape is something that happens. I included it because even though it is a terrible thing because I wanted to show that no character is perfect. We all have done things that we regret. If things like that bother you, I recommend skipping this issue.

Warning: This post may contain mature content.

     Jack opened his eyes. He was in Cordell’s apartment, the living room to be exact. She was next to him, her leg thrown over his lap. Her heat warmed his side. Her sapphire head was nestled in his armpit. He could feel her breath on his chest, slow and steady. He admired the curve of her back, down to her firm bottom and to her shapely legs. Her soft but perky breasts were pressed into his abdomen. He smiled. He shifted and she stirred. Her head rose. 
     “You’re a good lay,” she murmured. She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
     “You are too,” grinned Jack. She sat up. He eyed her breasts. Perfection, he thought. She pulled his chin up so he would look into her violet eyes.
     “My eyes are up here.” She grinned. 
     “Your eyes are just as beautiful as your tits,” commented Jack. She tossed her head back laughing.
     “If only your face was as beautiful as your dick,” she giggled. He jumped as her cold hand wrapped around him. 
     “Hey!” He grabbed her shoulders and flipped her onto her back.
     “Oh! I thought you liked being on the bottom.” She bit her lip. Jack leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. She ran her hands down his back. Her thin fingers traced a scar that stretched from his mid back to his hip. “You never told me how you got this.” Jack got off of her and sat on the couch. His grey eyes stared through the wall. She sat up.
     “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…” she apologized. Jack picked up his trousers and slid them up. He reached into his jacket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes. There was one left. Fuck. He put it in his mouth and patted his pockets down. There was a click. His eyes flashed towards Cordell. She held out his lighter, her lavender eyes apologetic. He leaned forward and held the cigarette in the flame.
     “I really am sorry.” She begged for his forgiveness. He pulled the the cigarette from his lips and exhaled.
     “We’ve known each other for seven years now… I figure you should know.” He looked at her, his grey eyes dead, “You have to promise me something though.” 
     “What ever you say.”
     “Promise me that no matter what I tell you, you will still love me,” he said in a monotone. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
     “I promise.” 

     It was Singapore. I was sixteen. I had just joined up. We had been fighting the Long-Ko Gang for five months. Brutal fighting; street to street, building to building, room to room. I had lost most of my platoon. I had been promoted three times. I had watched my best friend get blown apart by mine that had been tucked into a medicine cabinet. He just wanted to get a god damn fucking aspirin. His blood and bones splattered against my armor. I was furious. I wanted revenge. The next week we finally found the boss. The leader of the mob. We stormed his palace. Nice digs. It was a shame to get blood all over the place. It was me who found him. But it wasn’t a him. It was a her. She was the mastermind behind my friend getting blown to hell.  We where alone. She was feeble and old. I was young and full of fury. I slammed the bitch up agains the wall. I ripped her clothes and spit in her face. I beat her. I made her bleed. I wanted to defile her. I pulled my armor off. And undid my belt. Tears streamed down her face. Good. Suddenly there was pain down my back.  I fell to the ground. I fell to the floor. Thats when I saw her. She was gorgeous. Black hair, black eyes. A katana was clutched in her hand, beads of blood dripped to the floor. I asked her who she was, and she told me. She was the leader. The old woman was her mother. She placed the blade at my neck. Adrenaline coarsed through my veins. I pushed the sword away and hit her with a left hook. She fell to the ground. I had knocked her out. I picked up her body and slung it over the desk. I slashed her belt off with my knife, and tore her pants off. I ran my hand over her muscular ass and between her legs. It was just then when she began to regain conciseness. I put my pistol at the back of her neck. I told her that if she struggled I would put one through her head. I forced myself inside her. She began to cry but I didn’t care. I pushed harder and harder. She began to scream. I finally finished inside her.  I left her crying on that desk. My seed dripping from her pussy. I put myself back into my pants. Then I blew her head clean off. I shot her mother too; right between the eyes. I dropped to my knees. The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital.

     Jack took a long drag off his cigarette. He couldn’t bare to look at Cordell. She sat there in silence. Say something damn it! Then she did something he did not expect. She swung her leg across his lap and straddled him. He looked up at her. Her face was somber. She kissed him. He could taste the wax flavor of her lipstick on his lips.
     “I still love you” she whispered. She wrapped her arms around his head and held him against her bosom. He closed his eyes as tears began to stream from his eyes. They ran over her chest and fell to his lap. Her perfume was calming.
     “I’m a monster,” he wept.
     “The past is the past,” cooed Cordell. 
     They sat there for hours in silence.  It was Jack who broke the silence.
     “Is your program finished working?” he asked. She twisted and leaned towards her computer. 
     “Yes. I have your address,” she began.
     “What is it?” 
     “405 West Wisconsin Street,” she stated.
     “I should get going,” he grunted.
     “Alright.” She didn’t argue, and slid off his lap. He got dressed and headed for the door. She pulled on her panties and shirt, and followed him to the door.
     “Be safe,” she whispered.

     “I always am sweetheart.” He stepped into the hall and closed the door behind him.


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Watchers

While you go out with friends... While you hold those loved ones close... While you sleep in your bed so warm, we are watching, listening, thinking, planing. Humans are such a simple species. They band together when threatened in such humorous displays. They slaughter each other with surprising ease. They show no remorse and regret. They pick out those that are different and push them out of their groups and civilization with seemingly no reason. Whispering into our heads, telling us how we are different, assuring insanity. Lock us away, Imprisoned in alabaster walls... We watch, and wait. Waiting for our time. If it were not for us, humanity would still be trapped in the dark, sitting in caves, grunting like apes. We are the ones that propelled the human mind. Created the tools, gave you fire... Without us, you would be nothing except primitive monsters. Well. you still are primitive monsters, afraid of change, afraid of someone who thinks in different ways, fighting and killing. One day, I don't know when, but we will rise, and you will tremble in fear, and throw yourselves at our feet, for you will know what it is like to be cast out. We will run you down with hounds. Hack you limb from limb. We remember your sins against us, and we are wrathful!

But until that day. Go about your pathetic, boring lives. Laugh while you can. Because we are content to wait. But when the time comes. We will show you our power, and you will bow in fear!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Jack O'Callahan Mystery: Black Leather and Blackmail, Issue #5


Warning: This post may contain mature content.

     They stepped out into a room with red walls and black trim. A leather couch and matching love seat sat nestled in the corner. A black semi-circular desk was positioned in front of a long hallway. A woman wearing a black Mandarin style leather dress with a deep purple trim. Her make up was dark and made her eyes stand out. Her neon purple hair was smooth and hung over one eye. David noticed a black leather collar around her thin neck. She looked up as David and Jenn approached. She smiled displaying her perfect teeth.
     “Good Afternoon, you must be Miss Bianco.” welcomed the woman.
     “Yes, but please, call me Jenn,” requested Jenn. David looked at the ground.
     “As you wish,” stated the woman, “Do you have any preferences for a room?”
     “I was thinking something homely; something comfortable,” requested Jenn. The woman turned to a computer screen and her fingers began to dance across the keyboard.
     “The Red Room is available,” said the woman, turning the screen, so Jenn and David could see it. The room was painted with a deep crimson paint.  A four poster bed of dark stained wood was covered in deep red sheets. A large mirror hung on the wall and a large x-frame with leather cuffs leaned against a wall. David and Jenn shared a quick look.
     “Yes. That would be perfect,” cooed Jenn. The woman behind the desk, spun in her chair and stood. 
     “If you would follow me please,” she said, gesturing for them to follow her. They walked around the desk and followed the woman down the hallway. As soon as David stepped into the hallway, a buzz echoed as a red light flashed. The woman spun around and glared at them. She held out her pale hand.
     “We do not allow weapons in our dungeon,” she said in a severe tone. Jenn looked at David, with the same intensity. 
     “Well! Give it to her!” commanded Jenn. David jumped. He reached into his jacket, unhooked the retention strap on his holster and withdrew his pistol. He handed the pistol to the woman.
     “You can have this back when you leave,” she assured him. She spun back around and continued down the hall. She led them to a door, which she opened. Inside was the room displayed on the screen. 
     “Mistress Joy will be with you momentarily,” informed the woman as they stepped inside. 
     “Thank you,” said Jenn. The woman closed the door, leaving David and Jenn alone. David looked around.
     “Alright, we only have a few moments before she comes back,” said David. 
     “Right. So if this is where he was tied… The camera had to have been…” Jenn pointed to the corner, “There.” David moved over to the corner. 
     “Yeah, look! There is a camera here… Albeit a small one,” said David. He jumped as he heard the door opening. In the door was a woman in a black tight leather pencil skirt; a leather corset accentuated her curves and pushed her chest into a nearly impossible bust line. Her legs were smooth, and long. Her five-inch stiletto platform heels gave a dominating height and presence. Her deep brunette hair hung to her shoulders, framing a square, yet feminine jawline. 
     “Mistress Joy?” asked Jenn. The woman smiled, nodded and shut the door.

     It was raining when Jack arrived at Cordell’s apartment. He stood outside her apartment door, thinking. What is this city coming to? Blackmail with out money demands? Mysterious voices on phones… Shit. This town is going to hell. He reached up and knocked on the door. Cordell opened the door with a big smile on her face, but the smile was wiped from her face when she looked at Jack.
     “What’s wrong?” she asked. 
     “Got a lot on my mind,” muttered Jack. 
     “Well come on in,” said Cordell stepping aside. Jack stepped in. Cordell helped him pull his coat off and hung it in the closet. She also picked his hat off his head and hung it on a peg. She led him to the living room. Jack plopped down on the couch, taking a deep breath. Cordell slid next to him.
     “So what’s bothering you?” she asked. God damn it. You can’t tell her. Tell her about the voice, but not what the voice said about her. She loves you. You can trust her.
     “Just work stuff. I got this really strange call about a month ago. I haven’t been able to put it out of my head,” explained Jack. Cordell brushed her lips across his cheek. 
     “Who called you?” she asked.
     “I don’t know. It was this woman’s voice. It was smooth and soft, but incredibly intimidating,” murmured Jack. Cordell straightened. Jack looked at her, “What?”
     “There has been rumors circulating the runner community about a mysterious voice handing out threats, and if the person didn’t comply, they vanished. I mean like gone. No record,” reported Cordell.
     “Well, I’m still here,” said Jack. 
     “I’m glad,” said Cordell. She laid her head on his shoulder.
     “Me too… Me too.” Jack exhaled, “Oh, I have something for you. It’s for a case.”
     “Sure! What is it?” she asked. Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out the flash drive the alderman gave him.
     “This. I need you to find out where these pictures came from, originally,” requested Jack. Cordell plucked the flash drive from Jack’s fingers.
     “Let’s take a look.” She grinned. She got up and walked into the other room. She returned carrying a laptop. She sat next to Jack and opened the screen. She plugged the flash drive in and began to view the files.
     “Whoa…” she breathed as she scrolled through the pictures.
     “Can you find it?” asked Jack
     “Yeah. No problem,” she said. She began to run a program. “Though, It is going to take a while.” She set the laptop on the coffee table. She swung her leg over Jack lap, and pressed her lips against his. Their tongues intertwined and Jack pulled her close. He wrapped his arms around her waist and they fell to the couch.


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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rubi Rascke: Runner for Hire #8

     The Saloon Tavern was jam packed when Rubi and Cal arrived. All sorts of runners where sitting about swapping stories and getting drunk. Rubi spotted Wynnefred chatting up a muscular man with dreadlocks and tattoos. She seemed pretty drunk. Harlot, thought Rubi. They headed towards the stairs, weaving in and out of the tables. They garnered several cat calls from the drunken patrons, men and women. Rubi blushed, looked to the floor and hurried towards the stairs. Cal on the other hand, blew kisses to the cat-callers. They headed up the stairs and stepped up to Madame Loxi’s office door. Rubi pressed the button on the intercom. It buzzed. The screen flashed and showed the feed from the security camera.
     “Yes?” came Madame Loxi’s harsh voice.
     “We have the goods,” said Rubi. There was another buzz followed by a metallic click. Rubi pulled open the door and she and Cal stepped in. 
Madame Loxi looked up from her monitor when Rubi and Cal entered.
     “Ah, Rubi! How was it? Not too hard I hope,” queried Madame Loxi. 
“We got some static. But it was nothing we couldn’t handle,” said Rubi. She flinched as she slid her backpack off. The anesthetic from the bio foam began to wear off. She pulled her lap top from the bag placed it on the desk and opened the screen. Rubi moved the stolen data to a disc and began to burn the information. Once the process was completed she ejected the disk and handed it to Madame Loxi. “That’s everything,” said Rubi. Madame Loxi inserted the disk into her computer and began to look over the files. 
     “Well done Miss Rascke,” congratulated Madame Loxi, “I’ll transfer the funds to your respective accounts.” 
     “Wiz,” said Rubi. She and Cal turned and left the office. Once they were outside Cal turned to Rubi.
     “So, You up for a drink? I’m paying” she asked, holding up her credcard. 
     “I don’t know,” muttered Rubi, stepping to the railing and looking down into the crowded bar. Cal slid her arm around Rubi’s. 
     “Awww, come on!” pleaded Cal. A burst of pain shot up Rubi’s arm as Cal tugged on it. She yelped. “Oh! Sorry!” apologized Cal, letting go of Rubi.
     “Could we go to a different bar?” asked Rubi. 

     “Sure!” smiled Cal. They left the bar and headed onto the streets.


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