Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Opening Verse of the Saga of the Bear-Folk (Revised)

I recently updated my opening poem to the Saga of the Bear-folk, with that I needed to update the language. Here is the updated poem! I've also begun to create the language of the Fae creatures in the adventure I've been writing.

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Hjer byrja ferdhalakkar fra Bjorgdunar
Jog fra aegisagr thaejar…

Thekksagr byrja
Hvenr runekorn avsolja
Idh Rytarrskegg
Harrik, viedunnath-megg

Rugla megg skjirkorn
Seiflath fra Bjordunnar, Ivrik Arnbjorg dun nuldorn
Nefingja brrodhath halkur dhing
Tala fra gothing

Avsulta hultn
Brrodh fra gultn
Bafudhra tredhorn
fra runekorn

Harrik fra viedunnath-megg sorn
"Ath finga korn,
Sjodmad, sithur Nartr-frottr
Strarg fra assmattr.”

Thar a mokkithr vittegg
droppen far mugg fjltegg
fjltegg sithur himokk
Unni gothing slettlokk”

Here begins the journey of the Bear-Folk,
and their Epic Saga

This story does begin,
When a rune-stone was discovered
In Rytarrskegg
By a fisherman called Harrik

Bemused by the strange monolith,
The Bjordunnar Chief, a man named Ivrik Arnbjorg
Called forth the the clan for a meeting
To discuss this discovery

It was decided,
That a group of warriors,
Be sent to investigate 
The rune-stone

Harrik the Fisherman said,
“That to find the stone,
One was sail north-east
along the coast.”

Until a great white tree
is spotted at the mouth of a river
Then one must sail up river
Until you come across a placid lake.”