Monday, February 15, 2016

Jane Wants a Boyfriend

When most people watch this trailer, they see a quirky romantic comedy. But for me it's something more. As I've stated numerous times on this blog, I'm Autistic. I've seen both trailers countless times and every time I tear up because I see so much of myself in the titular character.

There is a scene where Jane says to her sister, "You don't care about what I want. You've never cared about what I want." I lost it at that point, because that's how I feel towards many people in my friends group.

They say they care but it feels empty. I've been told that I should talk to a counselor. But god damn it, that's not what I want. I want my friends to realize that talking to a counselor isn't the solution to my problem. The solution is for to try to learn and understand about what I'm going through. I just want someone to read the articles I post. To learn about Autism with out me pushing them too. In my mind: If they really cared, they would do that.

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